Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's wicked out there...

wicked stawn comin
I love this sign. It was up somewhere in New England before they got the first blizzard recently (a friend in Massachusetts posted it on facebook). Those words could've come straight from my mother's mouth...she has a "wicked" Boston accent :).

In fact, my whole family does. It makes perfect sense, really. We're from Boston! My whole family is still there...born and raised! My parents even lived in the city growing up.

I do not have a Boston accent. Everyone mentions it when they hear where I am from. But, I used to! And, a few beers later, I still do :). I don't say wicked anymore though (although I remember saying 'wicked awesome' regularly as a child!).

I absolutely love to tease my parents and siblings about their accents when they come here. When I am there, they claim I have no right...since I am the one talking weird (imagine...saying the letter 'r'!?).

I did a lot of traveling for one of my jobs after college. I was on the road for months at a time. I lived in places like Tulsa, OK, San Jose, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Franklin, TN, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Washington DC (where I settled), and I spent a month in Barbados and a month in Switzerland. Somewhere on my journeys, I lost my accent! That's okay with me :).

I had a major case of cabin fever this weekend. Although we did bundle the kids up and get them out yesterday afternoon (Saturday), today was just ridiculously cold and windy. According to the news, it felt like 9 degrees in Harrisburg most of the day because of the wind chill! After Mass, we pretty much stayed in. It was a very.long.afternoon.

I felt a little better about Harrisburg, PA after talking to my parents in Walpole, MA (a suburb of Boston). They experienced their second blizzard (although not nearly as big as the first one) today. My mother sounded even more ready for spring than I feel!

There are no wicked stawms predicted down here...I am grateful for that, at least! Stay warm everyone. I'm glad that all my children are safely tucked into their warm beds right now...I plan to crawl into my own bed soon :). God Bless!

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