Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ah, simplicity...

Today we had a really fun play date. It was with two of my girlfriends who both happen to have 4-year-old sons also. These boys are in preschool with my 4-year-old, Joseph.

My friend's house is a boy's paradise (rightly so as 3 boys live there!). The other boys floated from cars to trucks to drums to swords to Wii to chasing each other around the house and back again for round two. Joseph, however, sat happily building a train track to create scenarios for the trains. This is exactly what he does at home (he'll often watch a short episode of Thomas and spend twice as long reenacting it), but there were even more trains to choose from at our friend's house.

"Joseph, would you like some hot chocolate (complete with whipped cream, chocolate chips, marshmellows, etc.)?" The answer: "No thanks." The gracious host continued to offer things that would entice almost any child (think sugary deliciousness), and my other children were taking full advantage! Joseph just happily sat and played with his trains until I forced him to eat some lunch a few hours later.

Joseph is a very social child. He makes friends very easily (please God this trait will grow with him), and he is very caring and thoughtful. He easily entertains himself (obviously!), and as long as nothing upsets his routine, all is well in his world.

Today, I am feeling so grateful for simple a little boy using his imagination to play with his trains.

I know that his world will change day-by-day right before my eyes. I love watching him grow, but I would like to freeze today. Today his vehicle of choice: A toy train. His woman of choice: Mommy. Ah...simplicity!

Please God bless Joseph as he moves onto real vehicles and (gulp!) other women, and every step in between. I feel so blessed to have today with him (and all my other cherubs!). St. Joseph, pray for us.

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