Friday, October 5, 2012

Spontaneous Fun...

I did something recently that I NEVER do. I went to a bedtime!

And, all the children were with me. I am usually more than ready for all my lovelies to be tucked in at 8 p.m., so I can hurry up and relax before sleep overtakes me...often around 9:30! That 1-2 hours of no demands really keeps me sane! Of course, I could use that time more wisely, but that's a story for a different day.

Here's the reason for the party: my parents were visiting Philadelphia. And, this is about 6 hours closer to us than Boston! So, in a mere two hours, we were with my family. This is a very special opportunity as both sets of grandparents are about 8 hours (conservative estimate with the kids!) away by car. The picture above is from the last time my parents visited months ago.

We arrived in our hotel in Philly on Saturday afternoon. We very quickly discovered why it was priced so nicely (think SKETCHY and old). It was okay for one night (only because we found out the nicer hotel next door had no vacancies!), but we would spend minimal time there!

With this in mind, I quickly accepted an invitation to my cousin's party at his new house starting around 7ish. My husband shot me a very quizzical look. Was I sure that I wanted to have all of our children out until whatever hour? "YES! Why not?!?" One night wouldn't hurt us...I didn't think!?! Besides, isn't life all about spending time with loved ones?

A month later, I am still thinking about that party. It is weird to be around people who knew you very well as a child, but whom you very seldom see as an adult (I last saw most of these people at my wedding 8 years ago). You realize how far you've come as a person...yet, those insecurities that you had as a child can seem to sneak right back up on you!

As I'm still thinking about the party, I thought I'd write a few reflections:

1. I don't have to look perfect for people to be happy to see me. As most people, I prefer to look (or at least think I look...ha!) a certain way before I go out in public. That night, I met NONE of my time to freshen up and in my travel clothes. Yet, I was received so warmly and no one seemed to care. After my wine, I didn't care either! Something to remember...

2. I am blessed with a functional family. Nutty: Absolutely. Perfect: Not by any means. But, there I was with my parents, husband, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins...A LOT of people...and everyone was being so kind and having so much fun. We are blessings to each other. I think of the wacky families on TV (you know, "reality," or the families that my friends speak of!), and I feel so lucky.

3. That night did me a lot of good. I left my comfort zone...I am an absolute stickler for routine...and good things happened.

BUT...then again, I entered Target today, and bad things happened, so I never really know :).

Thank you God for safe travels, special memories, and growth as a person. be sure...despite the unexpected blessings of this trip...I will be very picky about hotels from now on! :)

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