Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh goody...

Every afternoon I escape to my bedroom for a little bit. I have found that it is in every one's best interest if I get a break! I usually put a movie on for the older kids (while the nappers nap), and I sneak away with a cup of coffee. Before I go upstairs, I make sure that there is a snack and drink available and that all needs are met for the foreseeable future (a lot of planning for a 1/2 hour break!).

Joseph (4-1/2) knows the drill: Leave Mommy alone! Gianna knows this too when she is off from school. At age 3, Cecilia ignores the drill and checks in with me at least every 10 minutes. It's usually to change her clothes (again), but she comes up with tons of creative demands and requests. Needless to say, my break is not very relaxing!

Yesterday was different, however. Cecilia did not come upstairs. I could hear her downstairs so I knew she was hard at work. On what, I did not know. And, since our house is pretty childproof, I let it go. I was afraid the sight of me would distract her and my peace would be over :).

Boy...I was in for a treat. When I heard the TV show end, I headed downstairs. I was greeted by Cecilia with a HUGE grin. "Mommy, I made GOODY BAGS."


And then I saw them.

An entire new package of Ziploc bags (the sandwich kind that I had just bought for my older daughter's lunchbox) emptied, each bag filled with "treasures" (i.e. 1-2 Legos or Little People). She had lined them up in a row and they stretched from door-to-door (through the living room into the dining room). To be exact, there were 125 bags in the box (well, she didn't fill all 125...probably only about 30 or so because she's only 3 and I wasn't gone that long...but it looked/felt like 125 to me!).

My first reaction was, "OH NO she didn't!" Heart racing, palms sweating. This is going to take me forever to put it all back!!!!!

But, I looked at her proud face, and I was able to stop myself from exploding (if only I always had this grace!!!!)...must have been my break!

After I snapped this picture, I started the cleanup. Cecilia was much less excited about putting everything away (after bag #5, I left her off the hook).

As I cleaned, I thought that Jesus must have loved watching Cecilia. After all, she had created a masterpiece with all her God-given talents. This project was creative and thoughtful, and it took an awful lot of determination and perseverance for a 3-year-old to follow this project to its completion.  Thank you God for my healthy, imaginative child.

I reminded myself that she did not do this to annoy me. Actually, she had done something to entertain herself...which was exactly what I wanted!

So...creating goody bags is now on the list of unacceptable activities during break time (along with play dough and painting...other projects that shoot my blood pressure up instantly when I see the clean-up involved!). I will also do a sneak peek if Cecilia is quiet for too long.

But, at the end of the day, 125 bags were back in the package (haven't decided if I'll use them or not!), and I was a refreshed grace-filled mama because I got an uninterrupted break...oh goody!

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  1. Go ahead and reuse them an innocent 3year old thought why not. However depending on the day I too might have reacted differently. Cecilia is 3 going on 13 I would like to know who they all were intended for she is too sweet she was in a mission.