Monday, October 1, 2012

Can't decide...

Gianna lost her two front teeth a few days after turning 6. The tooth fairy had to come twice in one week ($1 for the first one and 0.50 for the second...the tooth fairy ran out of one dollar bills! Luckily, she's still young enough to be delighted by coins!).

Somehow, being toothless has upped her "cute" factor by at least 50%! Her personality is generally very sweet and likeable, but I'm just loving her goofy grin with the huge gap these days! She had seemed so old for a little bit (especially in comparison with my younger crew), but she very much looks like my little girl again now. Her baby sister seems quite miserable getting her first teeth, so there's a big focus on teeth (or lack thereof) at our house these days :).

An unrelated but cute Gianna story. When I picked her up from Kindergarten today, I asked how her day was and if she had any homework. She paused and said,"I can't decide."

I thought she was talking about the homework. I inquired further. "I can't decide if I should take a husband or love God like Sister Rita," she said. HA! And here I thought we were talking about an alphabet worksheet...nope, she was trying to figure out her whole life! And I loved the phrase "take a husband!"

I actually love that they are addressing vocations (I assume...can't get the whole story) in the first month of Kindergarten. Because of her innocence and uncluttered heart and mind, I think there might be a good chance that she might just hear God if she asks Him (which I told her to do...after telling her that she need not worry about this choice for a long time!).

Thank you God for Gianna. I love all my children all day every day, but it seems that they take turns capturing my heart in a special way...Gianna's turn today, even if she is so indecisive! :)

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