Thursday, October 18, 2012

All aboard...

I was cranky tonight. Daddy came home for a quick dinner and then he had to go back to work. While I appreciate the coming home for dinner part, it makes the rest of the evening seem extra hard sometimes. I had a taste of help...another adult to kiss boo-boos, break up sibling quarrels, and fill sippy cups...and then it was gone! All that was left was a tired, cranky mama!

The good thing was that the mild weather allowed the kids to play outside while I got the dinner dishes done. And then, I snuck in a cup of coffee when they came in and  played with every.single.toy...again. Cleaning up the toys is no one's favorite part of the day...and it goes extra slow without Daddy's voice of encouragement!

After clean-up and the taking of the vitamins (a real project to make sure the right child gets the right combination!), the kids got really silly. This often happens during the 7 o'clock hour. Everyone is so tired that they get "giddy". I remember being giddy with my siblings (although I had no idea how crazy I was probably driving my parents...sorry Mom and Dad!).

The giddiness can take many forms...not all good! But tonight, for whatever reason, the children organized themselves in a train that choo-chooed all around the house (see above). I waited for the tears...but they didn't come. All I saw were happy faces as Gianna led the pack round-and-round our small house. I felt great peace and happiness. I know these are the moments that I will miss the most.

I remembered my silent prayer while doing the dishes. I asked for extra graces to help me do all the things that must be done before bedtime. I asked for help to be kind and compassionate (as we all know, overtired children can be especially difficult and whiny...thus needing extra love and patience!), and to not feel so overwhelmed and abandoned.

I not only received these graces (everyone tucked safely in bed now...and I'm still sane!), but also a train to warm my heart. Thanks, God!

I know this night can never be repeated...the train will most likely not be fun tomorrow. But, I snapped this picture and will remember this night fondly. Can't ask for more than that! Choo-choo (now I'm giddy!).

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