Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Our two Jack-o-lanterns (Gianna lost four teeth recently, so she was the model for our pumpkin!)

Yesterday was a mighty display of God's power. The eye of Hurricane Sandy was right over Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the early evening. Besides losing some siding (a bummer because we just sold this house and now we have to pay a lot of money to fix it!!), we are all okay. 

God's power did not knock out our electrical power, and I am extremely grateful. I was in a bit of a panic the night before the storm (ask my husband!). Not because I was afraid of a natural disaster (although I did pray for no loss of life and for those who have already been affected, of course), but because I was afraid of being stuck in a cold, dark house with all my children for an unlimited amount of time. 

This even sounds silly to me as I type it...why would a mother be afraid to be home with her children...but, I know that even our "normal" days require "extraordinary" graces. I fear that anything abnormal (like an extended power outage) might put me right over the edge :). I do trust that God will always provide the graces that I need, but I'm grateful to be spared the test...THIS TIME!

I woke up the morning of the storm saying prayers for a safe and happy day. School was cancelled, but work was also cancelled for Daddy...a huge help! We passed a long day inside by carving our jack-o-lantern (my children were delighted to learn that Halloween has not passed, in fact....see last post!). I also baked a delicious apple caramel cake. It is killing my diet, but man, it makes me very happy. And, as we did not lose power, I could still make my beloved coffee...which always seems to cheer me! The children did remarkably well...minimal meltdowns, tantrums, and quarrels! Thank you God (and Mary and patron saints and guardian angels...my powerful intercessors!)

Today is day two of being home. The hurricane is gone, but the skies are very gray and it has turned very cold. As I do every afternoon, I just turned off the TV after break time and sent them outside. I expected them to fight me on this. However, the dreary day isn't bothering them much...I just snapped this picture of my daughters playing...all smiles. Gianna even commented that the missing siding on our house "looks cool!"

Once again I reflect on how children are often unaffected by things that can really tend to bother adults...this is a lesson and gift that children can share with us! 

Although I cannot control the weather (or many parts of my day since I have unpredictable young children), it is always in my power to turn to God and to rely on His power to get me through! That I may always be receptive to God working in my life, I pray. Amen!

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