Saturday, October 13, 2012


We sold our house this week. I must go dust off St. Joseph to honor him in a more prominent place (my husband almost threw him away a couple of times when he was planting new flowers by the mailbox!). I think he'll be glad to be back in the house!

I have been perseverant in my prayers that we would get a good offer on our house...and we did! And, it happened in only three short months. Who am I kidding? It felt like it took forever! I knew my prayers were being heard, but being patient is so hard, as we all know.

Thank you so much to Jesus, Mary, and the many saints who have interceded (I thought St. Joseph might need some backup...HA!).

To celebrate no more showings, we brought Joseph's HUGE train track back into the living room (it's not the type of toy that can be put away in a moment's notice!). He is in his glory today. He actually ran off the soccer field today to tell Daddy that he wanted to go home and play with his trains! After a pep talk from his coach about how much his team needed his head in the game, he went on to score the next goal (so no harm done!). I'm so glad he still delights in his trains (that was an expensive purchase for Santa!).

My girls just requested this picture. As I took it, I thought of all the pictures that I have taken on this green couch in our living room. Our home. As excited as I am to find our new house (the next round of prayers commenced during sleepless hours last night!), leaving walls of such amazing blessings causes me to pause and reflect. When we bought this house, we were two. We are seven now...praise God! While the couch will come with us whenever we land (we can't afford a new house AND new furniture!), this chapter of our lives is coming to an end.

Please God, bless this "pending" period and guide us to our next home. I pray that God's will be my will (easier said than done when I look at all the nice homes that we can't afford!). Please help us to land safely at our next destination...two adults, five children, and a well-loved green couch!

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