Monday, October 22, 2012

Right Here...

I love baby feet. Last night I couldn't get enough of Lucy's cute piggies. Gianna (6) was "helping" me get Lucy ready for bed. I was telling Gianna that her feet used to be just as cute. After assuring her that her feet are still cute, she asked just why I love baby feet so much.

I told her that they are adorable, ticklish, kissable, and...not stinky. This last reason gave Gianna a new mission. I put Lucy down on the floor and started to get the next child ready for bed (a much squirmier toddler!). Gianna started to smell each one of Lucy's prove me wrong, I guessed! Not finding any smell, she moved on to the rest of the foot.

"MOM! Come quick! Right here....Lucy's feet are stinky right here!" After laughing, I went down to take a whiff. Sure enough, there was a teeny tiny patch of odor on the world's cutest feet. They must have gotten a little bit sweaty in the pink Robeez (that are being worn by the 3rd girl!) that she sported all day.

For some weird (well, not so weird because this happens to me a lot!) reason, I started to think about Gianna's actions as I went through the motions of the bedtime routine. My children are always teaching me...if I am receptive.

How often do I look for or focus on the "one stinky spot?"

For instance, I may have had a great day...but at the end of the day, I am still bothered by the few things that did not go as planned.

Or, instead of focusing on all of God's tremendous blessings, my mind will zoom in on something that I don't have.

Forgive me God, and help me to remember that you see the big picture...stinky spots and all!

Gianna looked so proud of herself. "Even though they stink a little, they are still very cute!" she said. Agreed.

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