Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's Begin...

I made it to 10:30 last night! That's pretty good for me. I have many fun memories (and pictures to show for them!) of New Year's Eve. Perhaps some day I will make some more memories. But, for now, my nights are unpredictable and sleep takes priority over partying!

We did celebrate New Year's Eve with some good friends. There was pizza, cake, sparkling cider, and lots of live entertainment provided by the children! The good times ended  at 7 p.m. sharp when we quickly ushered our children up to the tub, followed by bed at 8 p.m. They don't know enough to ask to stay up later yet :). My husband and I enjoyed watching one of his favorite movies: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. It's great for a few laughs!

This is my life today:

Boxes! And more boxes! Happy New Year!

I was just reading that Mother Teresa had only three possessions: a bucket and two saris. I must say that I'm a little jealous right now!

This whole process (moving to a new home in 9 days) is forcing me to think about possessions. I know that my children need clothes...and some for each season, but I'm learning that less is definitely more. I am much happier with less. Fewer possessions is freeing.

When Gianna was a baby, I remember being delighted one day when I realized that she never wore the same outfit twice (except for a few favorites). And, I barely bought her anything...they were all gifts (she was my first baby, my parent's first grandchild, many baby showers, etc.!). I remember that my sister-in-law took a picture of Gianna's closet when she visited...countless adorable outfits all lined up so pretty!

I have come a long way. 

As I sort through all these clothes...not only the children's, but my own (maternity clothes, post-pregnancy clothes, clothes that fit now, clothes that I really hope to fit into again some day, summer/winter clothes, dress/casual clothes, etc.!)...I am easily overwhelmed! I find myself quickly purging anything that is not worn...a lot! What a different person/mother I am to baby Lucy than I was to baby Gianna :).

I pray that God will guide us smoothly through our move as we begin a new year. My blessings are too many to count this year. I love that January 1st is a Holy Day of Obligation for Mary. It always seems SO right to start off a new year at Mass (although my children weren't too fond of going to Mass again so soon...it's only Tuesday, after all!).

Back to my boxes! God's blessings to you all in 2013. Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!

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