Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Whole Hand

Today is my Joseph's 5th birthday! He's a whole hand! It's also the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I love to have done something so pro-life as give birth on this very sad anniversary. I'm praying for all those affected by abortion, and of course, for its end.

Joseph got to eat this cupcake last night...right after I told him that I had to cancel his birthday party today :(. Cecilia had an awful stomach bug yesterday (I'm surprised she wanted to even go near this cupcake for the picture!). She rebounded today, but we want to keep our germs to ourselves as much as possible!

Luckily, we were able to reschedule his party for next week, and I made him happy by taking him to Chuck E Cheese for lunch and playing today.

Joseph was the greatest gift that I never knew I always wanted! I always prayed to be a mom, but I was still afraid to have a son. I wondered how a woman could teach a little boy to become a man, having never been a man. Of course, God's plan includes a father, and Joseph has a great dad...thank you, God (for the plan and the man)!

Because Joseph's pregnancy was so similar to Gianna's, I assumed for nine months that it was a girl. I'll never forget the "It's A Boy!" moment. My husband still teases me about it. It most certainly wasn't that I didn't love him or want him, but there was a moment of shock and yes...disappointment (I admit it!).

Jump ahead 2-1/2 years later...I was due with my 4th baby in September 2010. I was lying there in labor really hoping that it was another BOY (it was...Justin!). Joseph had changed my heart forever, and I thank God daily for the gifts of my sons (and my daughters!).

We set up his birthday present (a car track for the wall) last night!
At a playdate a few years ago, a good friend of mine was telling me about this article she had read about parents having favorite children. While most parents absolutely deny it, studies show (I can not site any of the studies now...I merely thought it was interesting!) that most mothers favor the oldest boy, and most fathers favor the youngest girl. Interesting, no?!

My mother always said her heart was divided into 6 "love" parts...the largest section for God, second largest for my father, and then four very equal parts for each of her children. I have always loved the visual this explanation provided. It comforted me as a child. Gianna asked me for the first time recently if I loved her as much as her siblings, and I was very happy to share the 7 "love" sections of my heart! I think she liked it!

So, I do not have a favorite child (although one child will usually stand out for one reason or another on any particular day...it changes from day to day). But, I am so happy to celebrate this special day with my oldest son! Happy 5th Birthday, Joseph!!! We love you so much. High five!

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