Saturday, January 5, 2013

The bite that was worth it (almost!)...

Lucy is a baby on the go. I think her eyes are closed in the picture above, but she's seeing the world in a whole new light!

She started crawling just five days ago, but man, do not get in her way! I am amazed at how confident she has become in such a short time. My husband was just trying to get some boxes out the front door, and Lucy was trying her best to follow him right out the front door! He joked that she was like a teenager with car keys!

Her siblings have always been kind to her and showered her with attention, but suddenly, they seem to notice her anew. There is a new desire to play with her, show her the ropes, be in pictures with her (see below!), and protect her. This has happened each time one of my babies is in transition to toddlerhood (sniff, sniff) least with the last four babies (Gianna was on her own!). It is very affirming and heartwarming for a mother to watch how her children care for each other.

This morning we went to one of our favorite museums in Harrisburg. It was also a very typical Saturday morning...meaning that  it took us about three hours to get out the door! When the kids were finally getting their coats on, I decided to nurse Lucy quickly so I wouldn't have to do it when we were out.

Lucy was much more interested in watching her siblings get ready than in nursing. I should've known better than to try to nurse a distracted, disinterested baby (she is the 5th baby that I have breastfed). All of a sudden, she sunk her two brand new sharp teeth right into my nipple. Yup, it was the type of bite that has you searching for broken skin.

My reaction was as you would expect. I yelled out in pain. I wasn't yelling AT Lucy (but I did tell her NO in hopes that if she wants to continue nursing that she will never do this again!!). The other kids all stopped and stared. I explained that Lucy had bit me, and I wasn't mad at her, but it hurt a lot. Lucy was screaming...not knowing what had happened.

They all quickly ran Lucy. No one asked me I was all right...rather, they were much more concerned about her.

"MOMMY!," said Joseph, "Don't you know that you NEVER ever yell at a scares them very much." He comforted her the best he could in an awkward hug. The others joined him. Lucy got lots of love...even from Justin (who often still views her as his competition for Mommy's lap).

I loved the moment. I pray that God will keep my kids close...always...even if separated by distance. Joseph recently told me (reluctantly) that he guesses that he will go to kindergarten next year (like he has a choice...ha!) because Gianna will be in the 1st grade classroom right next door and he won't have to ride the bus alone. "That is so nice," I told him. Thank you, God.

Lucy looked back at me to be sure that I stilled loved her (I'm reading into her look, obviously), and I smiled the best that I could (through the pain!). She smiled back a huge grin. All was right again. I was thinking that the bite was **almost** worth it.

Well, then again, I haven't nursed her again since...maybe I'll wait to say that until after she wakes up from her nap and nurses again :).


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