Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Almost here...

Two more days until we start the move (a multi-day process!). The kids are actually making the most of the boxes...pushing them around, rearranging them into obstacle courses, jumping over them, etc.

I shouldn't underestimate the ability of kids to use their imaginations and make their own fun! I can never plan for this spontaneous type of fun, but I sure do enjoy watching and listening. In fact, Joseph keeps telling me to leave (I think he's afraid that I'm going to pull the plug on their fun!). That's okay with me...I love when they play creatively and cooperatively and I can just enjoy...these are moments that I store in my heart.

This will be my last blog post for a while. I will be spending my "free" time finishing up packing here and then making our new home functional and orderly for the next week or so! Thanks for coming by though...I look forward to sharing the next stage of our family life with you in the near future :).

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