Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I got what I wanted!

Today was the re-scheduled birthday party for my 5-year-old. Thank goodness (for now!) all are healthy at our house! It was also my first time hosting an event in our new home. The living room still doesn't have any furniture, but it worked today.

It was nothing fancy...pizza, fruit,cake, and coffee for the moms...but it was so nice to host a bunch of bursting-with-energy preschoolers without worrying about space! This is exactly what I wanted...a home where others are always welcome to help us celebrate life!

Joseph is loving his new birthday gifts. I am loving our new home....and the good feelings that come from spending time with good company! Please God, this is the first of many celebrations in our new home.

When Joseph shouted, "I got what I wanted!" today (while ripping off wrapping paper the way that only a 5-year-boy can), I couldn't help but think, "Me too!"

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