Saturday, January 26, 2013

Truth or Fiction?

Despite having a bad cold herself, Lucy has been cheering me up all day!
Yesterday was a snowy day. Afternoon preschool was cancelled for Cecilia, and Gianna was dismissed early. The result was lots of time to read books and just hang out (and, of course, check out the new backyard in the snow!).

My children requested that I read a book called "Sick Day" at least three times. It is a Berenstain Bears' book (they love those!), and it tells the story of how Sister Bear is sick and must stay home from school. Then Mama Bear gets so run down from caring for Sister Bear, that she gets becomes sick herself. My children asked me what would happen if I got sick.

We had no idea that this plot would come true in our house the very same night! Cecilia had a nasty stomach virus earlier this week. Just yesterday at preschool, I was marveling to the other moms that no one else had come down with it (and then I knocked on every wood I saw!). That was until last night!

I came down with a horrible stomachache after dinner, and the rest is history. It was a very hard night. Joseph came down with the bug too, which didn't help! As for myself, I was nervous about my body being able to make breast milk for Lucy, but I was grateful that I am not pregnant (the last two stomach bugs landed me in the emergency room because I was pregnant and severely dehydrated...not a good combination!).

This morning I told Gianna that I was sick. She said, "Oh....Mama Bear...what can I do?!" She's a very caring and empathetic child.

I hate not being able to care for my family. It is a growing edge of mine...being able to accept help. Luckily, it's Saturday, and my husband was able to do much of what I do and he even took the older three out during nap time so that I could nap too!

I am starting to get my strength back. As I rested today, I reflected on how priceless my health really is, and how the ordinary is really....wonderful!!! Here's hoping for lots of ordinary days...they are great gifts from God (I hated being sick, but it was a great reminder!).

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