Sunday, January 20, 2013

Or Not...

Here are most of my children dressed up for Mass this morning (Sunday). The picture was requested because Cecilia and Lucy have on matching black velour dresses...not that you can tell! Lucy wasn't too thrilled with the idea, anyway!

It started off as a lovely Sunday. No one was up too early, and I got a cup of coffee in me before the children started arriving in the kitchen for their breakfast (the baby actually slept until I woke her up at 9 a.m.)! The Sunday paper even showed up in our driveway (we weren't sure if it would because of the change of address). I fed the kids and then they played happily when I read the paper.

I was enjoying the slow pace of the morning, but I should have started the rat race of getting everyone ready sooner. Because...the last hour was CHAOS!!! I don't want to write the details, but I had to raise my voice more than I wanted to, and we were all piling into the minivan with only a minute to spare to get to CCD (my preschoolers go during Mass) and Mass on time. I hate being late.

While my husband was buckling everyone into their car seats in our freezing cold minivan in the garage, I ran back into the house to grab my coat. I couldn't find it (I since remembered that I left it at swimming lessons yesterday...ER), so I took a deep breath and tried not to get frustrated.

I thought about how the craziness was all going to be worth it soon because Jesus would be so happy when we walked into Mass! And, all those graces were coming to me...

Or Not.

My husband turned the key in the ignition. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Dead battery! Fabulous.

Everyone out of the minivan! I ended up taking Joseph and Cecilia to their CCD classes and attended Mass when Daddy stayed home with the others to wait for AAA.

In the end, it worked out really well. I thoroughly enjoyed attending Mass by myself. It was a lovely homily about the importance of marriage and that definitely spoke to me (love those!).

When I got home, the minivan was fixed, and Daddy went to a noon Mass with Gianna when I fixed lunch for the others. Two of the kids have soccer this afternoon. Although it is very peaceful in the house right now, I will start getting them ready...soon...don't want a repeat of the chaos!

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