Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That explains it...

Gianna wore this penguin sweater to school today. I guess it was the perfect day to wear it because they learned about penguins today (this was not intentional)! Gianna is my easy daughter to dress. I pick out an outfit and she puts it on without a word. She has always been this way. I was not at all prepared for my diva, Cecilia :). Getting Cecilia dressed in the morning is quite a process...I fear I'm in big trouble when she gets older if she has such strong opinions at age 3!

When I picked Gianna up from school this afternoon, she chattered away about penguins. She was delighted that her teacher had commented on her perfect sweater!

As we drove, she shared lots of random facts that she had learned about penguins. Suddenly, she stopped. "Mommy, did you know that the Daddy penguin takes care of the baby penguins when they are born?" I told her that I did not know that. "OH NO, Mommy! I guess you're just not that smart," she said.

HA! Perhaps that explains why I feel so clueless as a parent sometimes. Yes, that must be it!

Ok, now I am going to stop blogging and get to packing...THAT would be smart! I have my moments :).

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