Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here you go, Mom!

I was anxious to post some pictures from the new house. But, the cord to put the pictures on the computer is in a box...somewhere...I think!!! I hope to discover the right box soon...there are lots to choose from :).

We were driving around this morning (it's our first "normal" day in a week!), and Joseph said, "Here you go, Mom!"

Luckily, I asked him exactly what he was giving me before I stuck my hand back (Joseph sits in the seat closest to me in the minivan, so I can reach my hand back to him...which isn't always a good thing!).

"A huge boogey," he said proudly. Fabulous. For the record, Joseph does have exceptionally large boogies...the kind that block his whole nose. If he could blow his own nose (ha!), he still probably wouldn't be able to get these out.

I told Joseph that he would have to hold on to that treasure because I did not have a tissue. He held it for a second or two before telling me that it was gross to hold it, so he would just put it right here...on Lucy's seat (Lucy is his closest neighbor...I'm rethinking this seating arrangement!).

Great, I thought...putting it in reach of a baby who loves to put everything in her mouth!

I decided that I would take the high road. Chances are, even if Joseph held on to it himself, he'd get distracted and it would end up somewhere else in the van...or possibly Lucy's mouth! I stuck out my hand to retrieve my prize. disappeared! I was driving so I could not look for it. I should really go clean my van is flu season after all. And, just maybe, I'll find my camera cord :).

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