Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rude Awakening...

Yes, that is a princess book and magic my underwear drawer! And, yes, the wand did malfunction (dying batteries which caused the wand to go off by itself repeatedly) and scare me half to the middle of the night!

It was bedtime and Cecilia wanted to sleep with them. It was a gift from her godparents for Christmas, and she loves it (obviously, if the batteries are already on their way out on January 2nd!).

I told her that she could not sleep with it as I was afraid that she would roll over on the wand, and the noises would wake her up. She asked me if she could hide it.

Hiding things is just starting in our house. I remember it quite well from growing up in a large family in a small house! I will never forget the day that I walked into the bathroom and to my complete horror, I saw my diary (which I had very carefully hidden in my shared room!) lying wide open on the bathroom floor. Clearly, one of my brothers (if it was my sister, she would have carefully put it back!) thought it made for great bathroom reading...and then they forgot the small detail of putting it back! I was so sad that my mother did not think the offense was that serious. I thought surely it was worth grounding or no Nintendo for a month. It still makes my blood boil to think of all my teenage angst on display!

So, I can relate when Gianna wants to hide her piggy bank or Cecilia wants to hide her princess wand. I wonder if my boys will be in to hiding things? I'm thinking it's more a girl thing! The funniest thing that I ever hid was breakfast cereal. When we were teenagers, my mom would go grocery shopping and buy my favorite cereal...for ME. When I got up in the morning, the box would be empty at the table. My two pubescent brothers would sit there and eat the entire box in one sitting! After this happened a few times, I got smarter.

Back to the wand. I was tucking Cecilia in and she informed me that the wand was quite safe. I didn't ask where...I was just glad that there wouldn't be fights in the morning if someone retrieved it before she did!

I should've asked! Sitting up in a complete panic with heart racing in the middle of the night, I was trying to discern which of my children was making such an odd, distressing sound! Once I determined it wasn't human, I still had to rummage around in the dark for a while...before I discovered it "safely hidden" in my underwear drawer!

New rule: Mommy's drawers are off limits for hiding things! My list of rules grows daily...but, how boring life would be without all the harmless surprises! Thank you God for all the hidden treasures in my life...and for a new year to discover them.

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  1. Oh what I just needed (im attempting to clean playroom) a good aul laugh we used to do that all the time (5 sisters) hide everything from fruit to our favorite toys.
    My boys haven't stated hiding anything yet although they each have their own box for storing their prized possessions.

    Thank you for posting.